Wings for life – 2016 – The day after

This is not really “the day after” post, but never mind. My last training for this race was on Tuesday, five days before race. After doing 10km I was happy cause I was ready to complete at least 15km in race and I felt great, but two days after last training I felt pain in my left foot.
I did my best to rest foot and try to recover as much as I can before race day.
On Saturday I went to Zadar to pick my starting number, and also to meet my friends from Rijeka and Zagreb. I hate how time flies when you are with good people.

On Sunday, just before the race I did long warm up on my left foot. I felt no pain at that moment. Race started at 1:00pm and crowd of 7000 people started to move. Almost whole first kilometer we were just walking, but after that it was much easier to run. My left foot was ok for 12 kilometers but then I felt pain again. Car was already near and I couldn’t improve my pace. At 13.94km catcher car caught me.

I was very happy to run that distance with injured foot. This race is more than running and results, there was more than 130k people worldwide doing something great and this event was turning point in my lifestyle. I love to spend my free time in front of the computer but you just have to find time for any kind of sport activity, just to move. Running is my new favorite activity and I hope to see and run with my friends again next year on Wings for life 😉

Wings for life – 2016

Same day, same time, on 34 locations worldwide. Running for those who can’t. Zadar is near my hometown so I decided to participate. It’s not nice to sit most of my day on the computer and this event is breakpoint to change something in my everyday habits.
Cool thing, at same time we are all doing great stuff cause all entry fees money is going to spinal cord research.

Only thing I regret is such short period to prepare for this race. I started coulpe of days ago and have like two more weeks to get some shape.
At this point I believe 10km (6.2miles) is at least I can do. My plan is to try reach 15km (9.3miles) everything more than that would be awesome.